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"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard." Anne Sexton 

Heather Brager is a critically acclaimed juggler of calamity, an accomplished procrastinator, and shuffler of idioms. Her poetry and drawings can be found in various digital and print journals around the globe, and on the web.  She currently resides in New England and prefers the precipice of where the Atlantic meets the sand to the official looking office where she spends most of her time. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

halfeti rose.

nowhere near providence, she has found him again 
slumped forward, a deconstructed flower
in his closed fists, invisible treasures
an eternity of skies written on his arm
silent bewilderment in his eyes, almost
like the afternoon they met
the broken mantle clock 
futures of observant children
the gift of a self portrait
lying on a kitchen table, now framed in the dark
how his hands 
once felt on her skin

she watches her own fingers trace his spine
witnesses a foreign voice recite 
a prayer in a whisper
it must have kept her alive when he left
something kept her alive 
years compressed into a hand tracing a spine
clarity drowns and resurfaces
love is not an emotion, but meager sustenance 
she turns her face to the ocean, pulling steadily on
the horizon, wave upon wave crashing down
an eternity of skies
an eternity of skies

© 3.13.2016 heather brager


  1. Immersed me, I felt the sky like ocean waves.

  2. Restarting does not always equate to reanimating...
    This is the longest pause.

    Happy Early Birthday, Heather.