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"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard." Anne Sexton 

Heather Brager is a critically acclaimed juggler of calamity, an accomplished procrastinator, and shuffler of idioms. Her poetry and drawings can be found in various digital and print journals around the globe, and on the web.  She currently resides in New England and prefers the precipice of where the Atlantic meets the sand to the official looking office where she spends most of her time. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

fascination of the abomination.

most of the faux-friendships
shallow flirtations
and petty whoring
are entirely indigestible

amid the egocentric rubbish
of those who label themselves “writers”
or even worse, “poets”
the deep and brooding ones
who refer to themselves as “artists”

philandering their pathetic psychosis
and saccharine pathos
on the willing droves of
forlorn, drunken desolates

lurking within internal webbing
in the one dimensional scenery
of sociopathic networking

© may 2011 heather brager


  1. You're keen observations are spot on, as are your words, and the admirable way in which you take the reader along for the ride. Not to mention your ability to say so much, so economically.

    It's easy to see why I love you so much.

  2. "Your", even...

    Wow...back to school for me...

  3. Ah yes, we're two peas in a pod...
    and I'm so glad I met you on Myspace.


  4. If nothing else, I am honest... ;)

  5. That's a definate plus in this relationship ;-)